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    About Us

    Find us at the intersection of powerful pain relief, cutting-edge convenience and sustainable relaxation. 

    Welcome to the Evalax. We build sleek massage therapy devices to meet our customers where they’re at in their self-care, relaxation and muscle health journeys. Our products are certainly cutting-edge, but one thing you must know: We are uncompromising in our commitment to the past as we design for the future. 

    Designed for the future, inspired by the past

    We meet you where you’re at to bring you life-enhancing relaxation and pain relief that fits your lifestyle. Our vision is to transform the ultra-effective ancient principles of self-care into a routine that’s more accessible and sustainable in modern times. 

    Making a change does not need to be difficult! 

    Busy life, long working hours, stress, poor posture, sitting in front of a computer for a long period. All of this is only a few examples of common conditions causing tension, pain and tiredness. 

    We understand what our customers are seeking - powerful pain relief and luxe relaxation - and we design all of our products to meet them where they’re at. Keeping in mind traditional theory, we make sure every single product delivers the perfect blend of innovation and convenience to blend seamlessly into today’s personal wellness and self-care philosophy. 

    Improvement for each one of our customers!

    Our main objective is to make your experience painless and joyful. We went through all the stages, from product design and testing to complete the order with us, to make sure your journey with us is easy, memorable and positive. When you shop with us, you can have peace of mind that we will give you the best support you need. 

    Risk-Free Experience

    Our products scream durability - but you're covered with a 12-month warranty in case something goes wrong! We also offer a iron-clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    100% Secure Checkout

    Shop with confidence with our safe secure SSL certificate and most trusted payment processors in the world via PayPal / MasterCard / Visa

    Free US Shipping

    We believe health and wellness should be accessible to everyone, so we offer free nationwide shipping on all orders.