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    How to give yourself a neck massage in 5 minutes

    How to give yourself a neck massage in 5 minutes

    Give yourself a neck massage right at home. Take a break. You really do not have to go to the massage therapist.

    Many a time due to bad posture, or prolonged working on computer, stress pain or stiffness develops in the neck. It may also lead to headache or heaviness in the head because of restricted blood flow to the neck.

    Try some simple neck massage techniques to relieve this pain. The massage loosens up the neck muscle, and this improves the blood circulation in the neck and the head.

    Several useful neck massage tools are also available to make the job easier.

    Take a break!

    Sitting continuously on your desk in the office glued to your computer can be a significant reason for your stiff and painful neck.  Add to this the stress of the work, and lack of exercise, that worsen the situation.

    The neck and shoulders are immensely strained because of being in one posture. As a result of this, the neck muscles develop lactic acid, and this gives rise to the pain.

    You can pop in some pain relievers, but in the long run, they ruin your immune system and body. Simple massage therapy is known not only to alleviate this condition, but also to increase blood circulation, boost mood, and energy.

    How to neck massage for yourself?

    The essential purpose of neck massage is to relax the stressed muscles, better the blood circulation, and increase the movement and flexibility of the neck. It is better to use some massage oil, as it has therapeutical qualities and aids lubrication too.

    Circular massage

    This massage is straightforward to do. It works to relieve the stress and stiffness of the neck muscles.

    • It is better to do this massage standing.
    • Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Place your right palm on the left side of the neck and squeeze it gently.
    • With your fingers massage the neck muscles right from the base of the skull to the shoulder blades in slow circular motions.
    • Repeat this massage on the other side of the neck with your left hand.

    Side neck muscle

    This massage will slacken the muscles on the sides of the neck.

    • You can do this exercise, either sitting or standing relaxed.
    • Make a loose fist of your right hand.
    • Place the index and middle finger knuckle under your right ear. Do not press too hard into your neck. Just hold it with moderate pressure.
    • Breathe in slowly and relaxed.
    • Use the index and middle finger knuckle to massage lightly in circular motions.
    • Repeat this on the other side of the neck.

    Side palm rub

    It massages the trapezius muscle, where it holds the neck with the shoulder. The trapezius is a big muscle, which holds the neck, shoulder, and back together. A relaxed and robust trapezius will keep the neck in good health.

    • Please do this massage standing.
    • You will begin this exercise with your right hand and right side of the neck.
    • Place the heel of your palm, just behind the right ear, at the base of the skull. Keep the fingers together and parallel and wrap them around the back of the neck.
    • Squeeze to apply pressure. Not too hard, but the muscles should experience the squeeze.
    • Keeping the fingers in place, as a pivot, use the heel to rub the muscle down till the shoulder.
    • The heel rub should be firm, but not hurting.
    • Repeat this 5 – 7 times.
    • Do the complete process with your left hand on the left side of your neck.

    Neck clasp massage

    It strengthens your neck muscles and makes them more pliable.

    • Sit down comfortably on a chair.
    • With both, the hands clasp the back of your neck firmly (but not too tight).
    • Squeeze and loosen the neck muscles alternatively.
    • As you squeeze the neck muscle, turn your head left and right.
    • The squeeze should affect the back and side of the neck all at once.

    The Ball rub

    This ball massage does not work directly on the neck muscle, but it eases the stress around the neck. As the surrounding tissues of the shoulder relax, they help the neck also to relax.

    • Stand with your back against a wall.
    • Place a tennis ball at your back, just below your neck, at the shoulder level.
    • Press the ball against the wall with your back and roll it side to side on the back.
    • Press the ball firmly so that the pressure is felt perceptibly at the trapezius.
    • You can also do this exercise with two or three balls if you can manage to hold all of them in place.

    Finger massage

    There are certainly some small and minor muscles at the base of the skull, and they too need to be relaxed.

    • Encircle your neck with your palm, with fingers at the back of the neck.
    • Slowly press your neck. Move your finger up and digging into the groove at the back of the neck.
    • Do this 5 to 7 times.
    • Then with your index and middle fingers of both hands, find the small pit at the base of the skull and gently massage into it in circular motions.
    • Gradually radiate this circular motion outwards towards the side of the neck.
    • Do this for a couple of minutes.
    • This massage eases the connection joint between the neck and the skull.

    Several convenient to use neck massage tools are available, which can be used for hard to reach places and in case you are not able to apply requisite pressure and force.

    Benefits of having neck massage yourself

    Massage as a pain relief therapy is safe and effective. It not only treats the pain and stiffness if performed at regular intervals, but it also prevents them.

    It improves blood circulation and improves the general health of the tissues and muscles.

    You can do it yourself at your convenience at your home, and it is free.

    Modern lifestyle and stress have made neck pain a regular feature of our life. But with easy self-massage techniques, you can not only cure them but prevent them from disrupting your daily life.

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